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Locksmith Baie-d’Urfe 

Locksmith Baie-d’Urfe provides fast, efficient, and reliable locksmithing services throughout the greater Baie-d’Urfe area.
We specialize in automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith services. There is no problem that we can’t solve.
Our professionally trained locksmith technicians have the experience, patience, and poise to help you in any situation.
Call us today at (438) 288-2824 and a real person will answer the phone. 

Today, we are a thriving locally owned and operated locksmith Baie-d’Urfe.
We offer automotive, emergency, commercial, and residential services all over the city.
We love what we do! Which is helping people when they need it. We have the latest hardware and equipment and are able to tackle the most complex problems. 



Locksmith Baie-d'UrfeWe can unlock any car that is on the road today. If you locked your keys in the trunk or if you have a luxury car, we can help.
In addition to helping with standard lockouts,
we have trained our technicians not to damage your doors, keys, and ignition when performing any automotive locksmith services for you.
If you have any issues with your ignition or your keys are lost, we can replace, rebuild, and re-key it onsite.
If your ignition was damaged by a car thief, normal wear and tear, if your key snapped off in the ignition,
or someone that is not authorized to use your vehicle has your keys and you want to prevent them from using it, we can solve your problem.
Call our Locksmith Baie-d’Urfe for all of your automotive ignition and lock needs!


Locksmith Baie-d'UrfeIf you get locked out, we will quickly and carefully get you into your home, office, or business.
If you don’t know where your keys are, we stock our vans with a variety of new locks and keys, in case you want to change the hardware.
If you just want to change the key, we can rekey your locks onsite as well.
Sometimes you may need something as simple as a household lock change, like when roommates move in or out.
Other times it is changing keys if you get a new babysitter or dog walker.
Keeping track of who has a key and how many of them are floating around is important to your home’s security.
In case your home was burglarized and you want to improve your home security and quality of locks, ask our technician for a free security consultation and walk-through to assess your current setup and how it can be improved. For instance, if your door was kicked in and the frame was damaged,
we have special kits to fix and reinforce the door frame that will make it impossible to kick in. Ask our technician about door jamb armor solutions.
Contact us today for all of your Locksmith Baie-d’Urfe needs!


Locksmith Baie-d'UrfeFor businesses and commercial properties, we service and install all types of commercial hardware,
including biometric locks, electronic keypads, proximity locks, heavy duty deadbolts and levers, mortise lock mechanisms,
Adams Rite locks, door closers, panic-exit devices, key card entry systems, and a lot more.
We understand that running a business requires organization and efficiency. We can arrive at your business and re-key your locks any time 7 days a week.
The most common requests we receive are for an employee change or to service or replace hardware after a burglary.
We can rekey your locks after employee changes, or if you need a master key solution for your business.
We offer reliable, professional Locksmith Baie-d’Urfe services for numerous commercial businesses throughout Montreal,
so give us a call for all you commercial locksmith needs!


Locksmith Baie-d'UrfeEmergencies are a stressful time for everyone involved.
We understand that you need the problem solved immediately.
We need your help to expedite the process. First, make sure that you answer your phone when we call you back.
Second, help us by giving us your exact location. Third, have your state issued ID ready for us to verify.
Finally, provide us with as much exact information regarding your emergency as possible.
For example, if you need a car key made, please tell us the make, model, and year of the car.
We also need to know if the key you lost operated both the door and ignition.
If you are experiencing a emergency, we need to know what happened, how many doors and keys need to be serviced, the brand name stamped on the lock and keys.
All this information will help our technicians provide you with faster and more efficient service.

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