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Mobile locksmith services in the greater Montreal area

Bringing Key Solutions to You: Our Expert Locksmiths Resolve 90% of Issues Onsite, Anytime, Anywhere!

Licensed & local locksmith - Montreal & Laval

we take pride in serving our community with personalized attention, rapid response times, and a commitment to delivering top-notch locksmith services tailored to your specific needs.

Emergency Locksmith

Our team is available to address emergency situations such as lockouts, broken key extractions, and any urgent locksmith needs you may have.

I Need a Locksmith for My Business

Commercial locksmiths offer specialized services tailored to the security needs of businesses and commercial properties. 

locksmith services for homes

We offer a range of services, including installing and repairing locks, rekeying locks, duplicating keys, and providing advice on home security measures.

keyless lock

Forget keys! A convenient alternative is an electronic lock

Say goodbye to lost, stolen and just plain forgotten keys. these keyless locks open with a code entered on a touchscreen or a keypad. 

smart lock
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