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Lock Rekey Service

Moving Into a New Home ? A new office ? A new store ? 

Lock RekeySerrurier Montreal offers same day lock rekey service change your old keys with new ones its fast and simple.
For instance, the walls can be repainted, the rooms can be refurnished and you start to make the place such that you can call it a home.
But you have noticed the door locks of previous owner’s? Do you feel really comfortable, when you have no way of knowing who can make access to these locks? Perhaps, the previous owners may still have a spare key? It’s time to protect your family and home from unwanted intruders by rekeying the locks professionally, whenever you buy a new home!

After Losing Keys. Every individual has misplaced their keys and it happens on a daily basis also. But actually what happens, when you find the key to your home lost! The most obvious solution, the inexperienced homeowners opt for is to make another keys to replace the damaged ones.
To prevent any chance of burglary whenever you are at home or you’re not, you need to choose a professional locksmith rekey your existing locks.


What is a lock rekey ? 

Rekeying is changing a lock thus allowing a different key to operate it. Rekeying is done when a lock owner may be concerned that unauthorized people have keys to the lock.
The lock may be altered by a locksmith thus only new keys will work.
Rekeying is the relatively simple process of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock thus a new key will function while the old one will not.
Rekeying is done without replacement of the entire lock.

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